Meal Prep & Plans FAQ’s

 How often are meals delivered?      

We deliver ONLY on Sundays. Depending where you live, we start from Isla Vista, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito and from Summerland, Carpinteria to some Ventura areas.

Am I able to pick up my meals?    

Not at this time. We work in a shared commercial kitchen and can’t have too much foot traffic. No need to leave your house, please allow us to delivery to your door step. However, can make prior arrangements if need be. 

 When are meals cooked?

Meals are prepared fresh on Sundays.

 How long do I warm up my meals for?    

We recommend each meal is warmed up for two- three minutes.

 What if I have allergies?    

If you have allergies, no problem! we ask you all about them on our questionnaire to get to know YOU.

 What are my payment options?      

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. No international cards are accepted.

 How do I make changes to my account?      

Any change to your subscription can be made when you log into your subscription on our site. Or email us at info@santabarbaramealprep.com. All changes to the account require a 48 hours notice prior to scheduled recurring payment.

 I’m Going on vacation, How do I pause my account?

You can log into your subscription and place it on hold or email us at info@santabarbaramealprep.com with a 48 hour notice prior to the schedule recurring payment.

 What is your cancellation policy?  

To cancel your membership, you can log into your subscription and cancel or email us at info@santabarbaramealprep.com, we would need to be notified 48 HOURS PRIOR to your initial auto renewal day and time.

 Do you have a refund policy?    

SANTA BARBARA MEAL PREP does not offer any refunds unless an error was made on our end. Ex. Delivered to the wrong address.

 Can I freeze my meals?      

Our Meals are freezer friendly.  However when reheating the meals you may have to cook them for about 4-5 minutes in the microwave.

 Do you have keto friendly meals plans?      

We currently do not have any Keto Meal Plans, most of our dinners are low carb. For weekly programs we can restrict carbs from your program.

 How many calories do each meal prep contain?      

Our meal preps run through about 250-500 calories each per meal.

 How much protein and carbs do each prep contain

Our lunch contains 4 oz. of Protein and 4oz. of Vegetable and 2 oz. of Carbs. Our dinner contains 4 oz of protein and 2 oz. of complex carbs.

 Do you have a list of calories of all meals?      

Yes, meals are delivered with a weekly Calendar that includes Calories, fat, carbs and protein per meal.